[Difference between apricot and yellow peach]_ 黄桃 _ Differences

Yellow peaches and apricots have a characteristic that their outer skins are yellow, which has led to too many people being unable to distinguish yellow peaches and apricots well.

And the taste of yellow peach and apricot is very similar, which also ignores the attention of too many people.

But yellow peach and apricot are not the same fruit, and they have different effects on the human body. What is the difference between yellow peach and apricot?

Yellow peach is not the same kind of apricot: it is not the same kind of fruit. Yellow peach is a kind of peach. Its shape is like peach. Apricot is yellow.But one is Peach, and the other is Prunus. They just taste similar.

What is the difference between yellow peaches and apricots: yellow peaches: also known as yellow flesh peaches, belonging to the genus Rosaceae, named after the yellow meat.

Yellow peach is very rich in nutrients, rich in antioxidants (α-carotene, β-carotene, lycopene, lycopene and vitamin C, anti-free radicals, etc.), and replaces fiber (a large amount of pectin in pulpThe human body needs cellulose, easy to absorb, etc.), iron and calcium and a variety of trace elements (selenium, zinc, etc. content is significantly higher than other fruits, is the king of fruits).

Yellow peaches are soft, medium, and hard, sweet and sour, low in aroma, medium in moisture, and mature in sugar 14?
15 degrees.

Eating edible laxatives, lowering blood sugar and lipids, anti-free radicals, eliminating dark spots, delaying aging, improving immunity, etc., can also promote appetite.

Apricot: (Scientific name: Armenia vulgaris.

) Deciduous trees.

Terrestrial, plants glabrous.

The leaves are alternate, broad-ovate or round-ovate leaves, shortly serrated at the edges; two glands near the top of the petiole; pale red flowers solitary or 2-3 connate, white or reddish.

Round, oblong or oblate drupe, the skin is mostly white, yellow to yellow-red, and the sun is often reddish and spotted; dark yellow flesh, sweet and juicy; the surface of the nucleus is smooth without pores, and the nucleus is thick with groove.
The seeds are bitter or sweet.

Flowering from March to April, fruiting from June to July.

There is a distinct difference in taste, and most of the peaches are in shape.

Yellow peach and apricot are not the same fruit by themselves. After reading these differences, let’s take a long pose!