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Beans are cowpeas that everyone realizes. It is a very common vegetable. Nowadays, many people have poor sleep. It is recommended to eat more beans, because the beans have the effect of nourishing kidney and stomach, reconciling the five internal organs, and the human body is well-conditioned., Sleep will naturally be better, so today I recommend everyone to make dried bean curd to eat.

First, the ingredients of the dry pot beans: half a catty of beans, five or six red peppers, bacon pieces, one spoon of watercress sauce, one spoon of tempeh, 5ml of raw soy sauce, 7,8 cloves of garlic, and half of garlic.

Method 1: Wash the beans, soak them in baking soda to remove the pesticides, blanch the small pieces, boil a pot of hot water, put a few drops of oil and a spoonful of salt, pour the beans into the water, remove them after 2 minutes, and add ice immediatelyIn the water, change the water twice until the water in which the beans are soaked is cold, then remove the drained water; 3, wash the peppers and cut the pepper rings for later use, do not cut the garlic slices and small garlic cloves, and wash the garlicAfter cleaning, chop 4 and cook the bacon for half an hour with water, preferably the fat part. After cooking, cut into small pieces for use 5. Put a small amount of oil in the hot pot, add the sliced bacon, and slowly simmer into the low heatAfter the oil is burnt, add a spoonful of watercress, add a spoonful of beancurd slowly after a small fire, add a spoonful of beancurd, slowly scoop out the fragrance, pour in the garlic slices, and after the fragrance, add the pepper ring and stir fry.Pour the beans, turn on the fire, pour in a small amount of cooking wine, stir-fry, quickly stir-fry, so that after the soup is received very little, add a small amount of salt, sprinkle the garlic and crush it out of the pot.

Second, the practice of dry bean beans potatoes Step 1, Wash and slice the pork belly (cut a bit thin, because the whole process is dried, so the meat can be sliced a little thicker, the picture below) Wash the bean paste, 3 potatoesPeel and wash. Cut the green onion into small pieces (there is no more green onion in the house today). Ginger slices, garlic patted Thai pepper and cut into sections 2. Stir-fry the meat in a hot pan and sauté the meat until the color changes., (Do not fry and turn yellow because the whole process is dry, the meat will be very dry and fragrant at the end) 3, fry the beans a few times, continue to fry, and then let it dry on low fire 4, dried beansWhen simmering, go to 3 potato cutting hobs and rinse them with water 2 times to prepare 5, then stir fry the beans until the beans become green and wrinkled, then put the washed hob potatoes into the pan, stir fry a few times, coverGuo Gao slightly stuffed for a little 6, then open the lid and add the onion, garlic and Thai pepper to the pot, add 2 spoons of salt (spoon is about the spoon of the seasoning box), stir fry evenly and cover the pot with the fire for 15 minutes., Absolutely cooked) 7. Open the lid every 3 minutes and use the steam on the lid to drip and fry the pan to prevent the paste from evenly affecting the ingredients.热8, 5 minutes before leaving the pot, just feel that the potatoes are almost cooked, add some soy sauce, stir fry, then cover the pot stuffy 9, before the pot and then add some old soy sauce and fry enough to fry 10, the wholeDo not add water during the process. Do not doubt. It is absolutely cooked and the noodles are special. You can prevent the paste by using the steam drip pot on the lid every time you open the lid. Remember to drip and stir every 3 separate lids to heat the ingredients evenly.Tip: Do not add water during the whole process. Do not doubt, it is absolutely cooked and the potatoes are special. You can prevent the paste by using the steam drip pot on the lid every time you open the lid.Heated and used kitchenware: non-stick pan three, dried green beans, 500 grams of green beans, 100 grams of oil, pork, ginger, minced garlic and cooking wine, raw soy sauce, salt, sugar and chicken essenceRemove the gluten at both ends, wash and drain the glutinous rice; 2. Fry it into the oil pan until it is slightly wrinkled, and remove the oil for control; 3. Leave 1 tablespoon of oil in the pan and stir-fry the minced pork.Minced garlic and cooking wine, stir-fry until dry; 4.四Season the beans, and add a little salt, sugar and stir fry until chicken can be tasty.